Life Science

What are the structures of a plant?

What are the parts of a seed?

Now apply What You've Learned

What does a plant need to Grow?

What are the Life Cycles of Flowering & Non-Flowering Plants?

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Photosynthesis fun with Mrs. Frizzle!

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How do Plants Adjust to their Habitats?

How do Seeds Travel?

Wild Animals

Life Cycle of a Butterfly


Flying Mammals

Food Chain

Solar System

Earth Science

Let's Learn About Landforms!

The Great Habitate Matchup With Mrs. Frizzle!

A Volcano Blows its top with Mrs. Frizzle!

The Water Cycle!

Water Cycle Scramble!

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Water Cycle Quiz!

National Geographic


Walk Around the Park!


Changes in Matter-Match it!

Change in matter-Word-O-Rama

Matter Wordseach

Matter-Hang Mouse

Gasses around Us!

Solids and Liquids